About advertising

About advertising

NGO "Mykolayiv oblast is a reliable partner" conducted research on the Ukrainian advertising market on the basis of analytical and statistical information. The subject of research was given by the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, the Industrial Committee for Outdoor Advertising, by DOORS Consulting.

About the ad market at all

Amounts and shares

In general, the Ukrainian advertising market has been steadily increasing since 2010, with the exception of 2014 and 2015. If in 2010 its volume amounted to 7.5 billion UAH, then in 2017 - almost 16 billion. The forecast for 2018 - up to 20 billion UAH.
Very interesting changes in the ratio of different advertising sectors among themselves. If in 2010 the share of advertising, conditionally speaking, in newspapers and magazines was 33.8%, then in 2017 it decreased to 8.3%. But the Internet share increased from 4.3% to 26.8%. The share of television is virtually unchanged - in the region of 40% of the total market volume.

Coverage and price of contact

Studies show that the advertising placed on external media will see almost 100% of the population, and on television - almost 90%. Approximately 90% and radio. Coverage of the Internet - about 65%, but this is in general, and among the youth environment, it is much higher. But advertising in cinemas will see only 20% of the country's residents.
The lowest cost of contact is observed on the Internet (specifically, the banner) - UAH 8. for one thousand contacts. About UAH 10 per thousand contacts costs radio and outdoor advertising, a bit more expensive - about UAH 15 - television. The rest of the advertising is two or more times more expensive than the four listed.

Outdoor advertising

And now, in more detail, we will turn to the sector of outdoor advertising


If you take the number, then the most among all external billboards is 50%. They prevail over the indicator OTS (average frequency of contacts with the audience with the audience) - 55%, and most of them go to the money - 59%. In the second place in terms of numbers are сіталийте - 18%, but in terms of OTS and money, they essentially yield to prismmatron, which by number in the third place - 16%. Lack is due to the fact that Setilati are less than the area and are, as a rule, far from roads.
If we talk about the distribution of external structures in cities, then the unconditional leader here - Kiev. It accounts for 29% of all outdoor advertising of the country, the share of OTS - 43%, money - even more - 44%. Further, with a significant lagging behind the capital, there are, in the direction of decline - Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Lviv.


The number of carriers in December 2017 compared with January of the same year declined by a total of 5.4% in all formats and 6.7% in the format of 3x6. If you compare December 2017 to December 2016, in Ukraine 3.3% of advertising constructions of all formats and as many as 3x6 format have been cut. Most advertising constructions of 3x6 format were dismantled in Kharkiv (24%), on the second by this indicator, Kyiv (7%) and Dnipro (5%). In addition to advertising carriers 3х6 has decreased and the number of towns 1,2х1,8. If you compare December 2017 to December 2016, in Kiev it was 22% less, in Nikolaev - by 19%, in Dnipro, Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi - by 8%. At the same time, the number of scrolls and stops increased.
This dynamics is due to the implementation of urban concepts of development of outdoor advertising. From the beginning of 2017, dismantling continued in Kiev (-5% compared to December 2016 with all formats), from spring in Kharkiv (-6%) and from the autumn - in the Dnipro River (-1%). At the same time, in some of the top 5 cities, the number of structures has increased. In Lviv, they became 7% more compared with December 2016, in Odessa - by 2%. The reason is high demand and the highest inflation compared to other top-5 cities.


The undisputed leader among all advertisers is the trade with a share of 18.36%. The second place is "Real Estate". Its share reached 10.34%. The third place is the Entertainment category (concerts, cinema, etc.) with a share of 9%. The largest increase in the top 10 of last year showed the category "Motor Transport". In the top 20 - the highest growth was demonstrated by the category "Education and work" and "Confectionery products".


In 2017, compared with 2016, the occupancy of all planes was 2% higher. In 2017 there was no seasonal decrease in July - August. Starting from the second quarter of 2017, the occupancy of the planes in all top-5 cities was uniformly high. A stable high level of employment is noted in Lviv - 89%. On average, in 2017, the occupancy of all planes and structures was at 81%. Above average occupancy was in the west of the country (Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Lutsk, Rivne) and in Vinnitsa, Kropivnitsky and Poltava. In Nicholas occupancy rate was 80%.

Price issue

It is clear here that the price on the plane is very much dependent on the city in which the plane is located. In the first quarter of 2018, prices for boards of 3x6 had a difference of 2,300 in Shepetovka to 9,5 thousand in Boryspil and 10,2 thousand in Lviv (absolute leader!). Nikolaev average price level of the board was 3.0 thousand (this price is available, if you order a board in Nikolaev within a large national or regional advertising campaign through a large agency in Kiev or, in Kharkov, if ordered in place , then the price is much lower - board - 1,2-1,5 thousand, prismatron - 2,5, seti-light - 1-1,2 thousand). Citylites - from 1.0 thousand to Berdyansk - to 6.9 thousand in Kiev. In this case, the capital was the leader.
In general, all outdoor advertising in Ukraine in 2017 earned 2.69 billion UAH. By 2018 an increase of 25% is expected - up to UAH 2.82 billion.

About the city is native

A lot has recently been talked about the fact that in Mykolaiv, the dominance of outdoor advertising. Let's just look at the statistics of this issue.
According to the website of the City Council at the beginning of 2018 it was established in 1174 advertising structures (meaning those that are freestanding, with no signs on stores, etc.). Of these boards - 891, prizmatrons - 27 city-lights - 256. According to the agency bainhovo OUTDOOR ONLINE Nikolaev is 1377 designs. Among them: Bordeaux - 1058, prizmatrons - 102 city-lights - 217. This noticeable difference in numbers, especially prizmatrons, it is difficult to explain. Or, not taken into account by design officials, are illegal, or, people responsible for maintaining such statistics, do not perform their work very well. It should be added specific design, such as "electrical box to" there are 515 pieces of the "turnstile" - 69 pieces, etc., in 1655 the number of pieces. Thus, according to different calculation methods in Mykolaiv, there are from 1174 up to 3616 constructions of outdoor advertising of various types and types. This list does not include signboards in stores and other commercial institutions, which, according to the law, do not consider external advertising. How much is it to a half-millionth city? It's hard to say if honestly.
As for the owners / operators of outdoor advertising structures installed in Nikolaev, then at least 40% of all types of structures are, so to say, not of local origin. They are governed not by Mykolayiv camps and agencies.

General conclusions

In general, the advertising market, after a downturn, which took place in 2014-2015, for obvious reasons, shows steady growth. The demand / supply ratio is more or less balanced. Nevertheless, market operators, nevertheless, expect growth and keep up to 20% of the planes free, without dismantling them. Obviously, the calculation goes to the upcoming election campaign and the example of Yulia Tymoshenko, it seems, justifies such a calculation.

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