Community Interaction Training

Communication between authorities and cities: On June 20, a training on "Interaction in the community" was held in Mykolaiv.

Tools for communicating power and civil society, mechanisms of influence on power, procedures for recalling local deputies - these and many other topical topics were considered on June 20 at the training "Interaction in Society".
The training gathered quite different people: activists and public figures, government officials and businessmen.

"All those who are interested in the development of Mykolaiv gathered here. We did not accidentally chose this particular topic. We are convinced that the level of communication can and must be improved. Often, due to impossibility or unwillingness to listen and understand each other there are conflicts and misunderstandings. This is one of the reasons why the projects proposed by the public are not always implemented and why the authorities do not always hear the cities, why dissatisfaction in society is growing. It would be desirable in an informal atmosphere to disassemble all the subtleties and discuss the mechanisms of cooperation. I am confident that the knowledge that every training participant has received today will be useful, and most importantly - the ideas will become effective ", - said the head of the NGO" Mykolayiv oblast - a reliable partner "Oleg Sokolik.

More than 4 hours, the participants, together with the well-known trainer, head of the board of the NGO Center for Civic Initiatives - CEGRIN Vitaliy Zaganiny, worked in groups, searched for solutions, discussed new ideas and projects that could be implemented in the city.

"For more than 20 years of public activity, I have gained a good experience, I have the opportunity to go to many cities, see how civil society develops in the whole country and share these developments and knowledge. Today we have reviewed practical cases, compared the experience of different cities ", - said Vitaliy Zaganiny.

The coach noted that it was not the first time in Mykolayiv that he came to the invitation of a public organization "Mykolayiv oblast - a reliable partner".

Note that the training was free, it could be attended by anyone who wants to. Upon completion, all participants received certificates.

"First of all, such training is not only new experience, knowledge, contacts, but also motivation. Motivation to change our city for the better. Thank you to the organizers. Such events, which unite absolutely different people and stimulate the joint beneficial actions should be more ", - said the training participant, the president of the sports federation IFIT Vitaly Volkov.

As part of the training, heads of civil society organizations Oleg Sokolik and Vitaliy Zaganiny signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

"This is the first event in this format, organized by us, but certainly not the last one. Plans for new speakers, trainings, round tables, discussions and discussions. Civil society is an active action of each of us, only this can change the future, "said Oleg Sokolik.

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